In August 2007, RAC module was developed. The project design and implementation has survived the test of time after several review and consultations with academic bodies, media groups and stakeholders.

In February, 2014, RAC was piloted on regional basis across university campuses radio in Ghana. It is now well composed, resilient and robust to enhance research and development across nations.

The success story of RAC owns much to hard work and dedication.

In April 2014, RAC was fully registered in Ghana's registrar general department to commence business. Major development organizations, government, public and academic officials are enthusiastic about RAC vision and objectives.

With a sound administrative structure and a competent human resource base, RAC is spreading beyond it’s boundary to most parts of the world.

RAC wish to ignite the dreams of poorer nations by assisting them to overcome multifaceted challenges and to bridge the yawning gap between the rich and poor, the developed and the developing counties.


Over the years, researchers, institutions, organisations, lecturers and University students have been carrying out research for various purposes. These research works and their findings are to add up to knowledge and contribute to the development of the world.

However, some of these projects have interesting findings which are not known by most organizations, developmental agencies, Government and the world as a whole. Most research works are not easily accessible unless published. High illiteracy does not permit reading by most people especially in the developing world. The culture of reading is also another problem confronting many people.

In the light of these problems, communities, some organizations and developmental agencies which are directly affected by this particular phenomenon lack adequate knowledge of causes and effects. This has led to various developmental problems from local to international level such as wrong approach to problem solving among others, hence the formation of RAC.


Bringing development to the world through media


Our mission is to increase knowledge on multi-faceted challenges confronting the world through research, provide information for development and advocate the implementation of ideal research project.



1. Our major objective is to advocate for implementation of ideal dissertations or research work

2. To conduct research and throw light on the problems confronting communities or nations and ways of mitigating them through a scientific approach

3. Raise awareness of Government, non-governmental organizations, private companies, the public and other institutions over these research works andtheir findings

4. To educate and inform the public on causes and effects of a particular phenomenon through media

5. To bridge the knowledge gap between literate and illiterate with respect to development